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V6Mistake-3.0L Swap Questions

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For those not familiar with it I have the V6Mistake-a 2.5L SVT V6 swapped Ford Focus.

Nice little upgrade from the Zetec which resided in the car previously.

However it has a lower oil leak and stock exhaust manifolds and a seized A/C compressor (re-routed belt) all of which I would like to rectify over the winter.

Been doing a lot of reading on the full 3.0L swap and I think I am going to pull the 2.5 and swap a newer 3.0L.

Currently I am running a stock SVT pcm but the question is if I do the swap do I need to swap to a Taurus PCM and PATS key as well?

I will be swapping to a set of headers to replace the stock ones-will do the EGR delete at the same time and re-doing the intake setup.

A full tune goes without question.

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Imrc can be tuned out and there is also a resistor bypass that can be made. Depends on the pcm code. I've got one I've been sitting on for awhile.

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