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Dyno Day - 474 Ft. Lbs of Torque!

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Yes you read that correctly, 474 Ft. Lbs of Torque at only 3950 RPM.  Gotta be a record for our platform.


I need to find a local tuner who can tune a stock ECU Ford, any other car but ours they can do.  Nobody likes stock ECU Fords I guess.


I now know why it signs off at 4k, looking at the tune it kills 3 degrees of timing right then.  Their tuner said I have 50 more HP and 20 lbs of torque if the tune was right.


This thing is a Beast, and the numbers are impressive.  I have a race car so I don't race people, just fun for this old guy to have a car that makes me smile every time I drive it.  72k miles and it still looks like new.


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That's impressive!  Surprising that the stock tune (?) pulls advance at 4k..  Or maybe not a stock tune..


Have a rummage around www.taurusclub.com - there used to be a number of references there to people who did (SCT?) tunes on our vintage Ford ECUs.

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Holy cow that is impressive as heck.  :punk:

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