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PATS problems! ( I think)

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I've read thru every post possible about PATS, by passing it etc and Im still kinda stuck.


I have 2 98 E0's


R1 (red 1) has a Sam Finkelstein rebuilt harness and an RJ computer - Runs fine


R2 - bought for 500$  (sat for a yearish) with a wiring harness issue, completely a mess harness wise, they spliced a injector harness into the main harness and just a mess.


We ended up taking R1 harness and putting it on R2, new starter, good battery.. and used the RJ computer from R1..


R2 will not turn over or hear the fuel pump prime. getting PATS code  1:6 Faulty link between PATS module and EECV    .. PCM I assume..


And on E0's I hear the PATS system is external.. so wiring and PCM doesnt really matter.

Only one key

works in doors and trunk, and ignition. radio, lights, dash lights come on.. wont turn over.


Whats going on here?

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Did you swap the ignition? I mean the keys are coded the the ECU................. Did you reprogram the keys? 

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Keys arnt coded to the ECU for E0s. they only link w the PATs module which is at the ignition. In 99/00 the PATs is in the ECU and then you need to do that.


any other ideas..??

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