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Cassandra has a new home!


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A Portland local Anthony has taken possession of my '95SE, better known here as Cassandra. Lance Kinley sold me this car several years ago. Lots of work has been done to keep this a running car, most notably receiving SVT heads and camshafts earlier this year. Some headers rounded off that installation and it runs great! Even Lance was impressed.


Anthony also owns another '95SE and had been looking for an SVT when I offered this to him. I remember his response being something like "Really?!" Anyway he's a very enthusiastic owner and I have no doubt she's in good hands.




As for me, I'll continue to be part of the group whether I own a Contour or not. I have always enjoyed the camaraderie of the owners of these cars. I'll likely continue to host meets and offer my shop space for various Contour projects. (There are still five of them on my property!)

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Assume Mickey!!!! At least we know she is off to good hands; another "family member"!!! btw - Cassandra is like fine wine, she get more beautiful with age!!

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