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Replacing the main wire harness

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I have a 95 SE, 2.5 Atx. Traction Control and ABS lights first started to come on when I would take the car to the car wash (hand wand style). They would be on after the wash, but go off in a day or so. Assume water was the culprit. On a long distance trip in the rain, lights came on but never went off. Been that way for about a year, not a biggie, just no time to get into it. Recently, driving the car in heavy rain, lights started flashing, ABS would go off, TC would stay on, then return to both on. This cycled thru most of the day (heavy rain all day). Late in the day, parked at a friends, car was running normally, lights were on. Came out about a 1/2 hour later. Car started right up, shifted into reverse, made it about 10 feet, car died. Would not restart. Waited about 30 minutes, repeat--start, move 10 feet, stalls will not restart. Let is sit overnight, rain stopped, started right up the next morning, runs fine lights are on.

I have a refurbished main harness (have already replaced the battery harness). I want to replace the harness, assuming there is the typical cracking wiring in the existing harness. My question is how easy or difficult is the actual process? I can get access to a friends garage (winter hear, garage is ot heated, but obviously better than just outside). If I had a local garage tackle this, anyone know how much time it takes?

Anyone been there done that?

Thanks for anyone's input.

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I run a garage. I can tell you that the labor estimate to replace an entire harness will be quite high. The job is not terribly difficult, but it is very time consuming.

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Iv done a few engine harness swaps on the contour. first one took me almost 10 hours. Now its down to 45 min for removal.


When you get around to doing it I'll walk you thru it its not hard when you know what connections to take off.

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here on the site is the owner notification for the recall. that provides all of the information to replace the 4 harnesses in the engine bay that are affected by the insulation problem. It is a very handy tool.



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