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Brake Vacuum booster? brake issue

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        So   seems like a  Brake Vacuum Booster issue. 

Unfortunately, I am getting the symptoms (second hand) 

I am not driving the car.  Here is what I was told.....



                      when first  using brakes   are starting vehicle, the brakes are rock solid and you press them and they don't do anything.

           after that ,    then they seem to be ok.


           Besides  the vacuum line to the booster, is there anything else?


                           IE:  A check valve.

                     why would there be an issue the first time applying brakes.   (taking too long to draw vacuum booster initially)?????

                     Contours   Are they notorious for  failing brake vacuum boosters???

THanks,   Grannie

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seldom is there an issue with the vacuum booster.however it does sound like you are dealing with a leak. the line does have a valve in the line that could be bad or the line itself could have a crack. And boosters do fail just not often. It is a very simple system to check out.



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To test the Brake booster.

Car off

Pump the brake pedal until it is solid.

Keep the pressure on the pedal.

Start the car.

If the brake pedal goes down.....booster is good

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