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PNW Contour Spring Meet 2017

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PNW Contour Spring Meet will be held at LeMay Marymount Car Museum on May 13th, 2017. We have been invited to view the personal home of Nancy and Harold Lemay and view an additional 300+ vehicles that were not seen last visit. Lunch is included and cost is around 40/person. An extra 5$ is welcomed but not necessary to help with incidental costs. Please text or call me for any additional details. 602-748-7921 I expect this year to be yuuuuge



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I'm not sure thats how that works....but I'll put your name down for it!


Attendees so far:

1)Shotwell + 1 contour

2) Satya + guest 2 contours

3) Ivan - 1 contour

4)Jeff - 1 contour

5) Brian + 2 contours

6) Brian Christine - 1 contour

7) Josh - 1 contour

8) Seth Birkenstock - 1 contour

9) Seth Medina - 1 contour

10) Jose - 1 contour

11) Scott - 1 contour

12) Brad - 1 contour

13) Jeremy - 1 contour

14) Walter - 1 contour

15) David W - 1 contour

16) Kevin F - 1 Contour

17)Jared H - 1 contour

18)JoshL - 1 contour

19) aussieford- 1 contour

20) other Bob - 1 contour

21) Russ - alaska ..no contour

22) Abraham - 1 contour

23) Brandon - 1 contour

24) Josh - 1 contour

25)Aussiefords son? - 1 contour

26) Nathaniel - svt2.5 in a focus


27) tyler - mustang

28) doug - mustang

29) Ryan - ?


please add yourself if I missed you!

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Then maybe we need to check with Marty/Groovenerd,

mondeoman is likely working that day,

whatever happened to the guy who made the battery tie downs,

he's supposed to be getting the same help to copy the heatshields. 

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We need an entire "whatever happened to" thread. I can think of a few!


mondeoman is always working! I hope he has stock options in that place.


I'll get with Groovenerd...have his cell #

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maybe mondeoman has the name and phone number of the battery tiedown/heatshield fabricator guy, Bill had sold his silver svt to him?

It's time to get him back in for discussing mods and meets and Bill talking to us again. 

We may have enough members here to do a run of the heatshields???

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Bill here!!! Sorry for the long absence. I will dig up this info - you are most correct PDXSVT - the battery tie downs fabricator (friend or relative as I recall). I need one - never got mine since I pulled the infamous "No Show" at the local gathering where these were dispersed.

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Satya: I might be attending with a guest but driving up in my beige boat. I also let a local old guy (about my age) know he can ride up with me if he's not stuck working that day. 


And Bill: Thank you for the Jerry contact info. He now knows there's this meet coming up. So maybe battery tie downs and heatshields can be topics on the agenda by this summer. 

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When are we scheduled to arrive at the LeMay location on 5/13/17?


Anybody figuring to caravan up from Portland? 


Bill, are you working that day, or are you wanting a ride up?

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Need to be at LeMay at 10:00 5/13. Definitely need to caravan up, just in case one of us breaks down. Hey, it's happened before.


We need to just kidnap Bill. Seems to be the only way he'll make a meet!


I'll be driving a very clean green SVT up. I'm trying to find a car for you to drive up PDXSVT. Unfortunately only one of Groovenerd's is running currently, so I'm looking at other options.

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I'm fine with driving up the aircraft carrier, especially if Bill can be a stowaway. And someone set me up with cassettes for the trip. 

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Satya, can you post an address again just in case someone wants to get accommodations nearby?

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