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Fans wont disengage..remains on


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96' contour se v6

About 3/4 on my way to work the fans kick in. The thing is that it remained on til I got to park the car at work. Curiosity got to me...I left the engine idle for about 5-10 min more. It still stayed on. I looked at the gauge inside and it was at in the normal range under between the N and O. Could it be the resistor? I live in Hawaii where its not that rainy or muddy, so the resistor should be ok. Anyways I changed the resistor a couple years ago. All the fluids are good. What could it be? Please help. Thanks guys.

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The green one is the low speed engine cooling fan relay (provides voltage and current to fan motor through cooling fan resistor)

The black one is the high speed engine cooling fan.

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