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Mosh / Woogieman 3.0 COP '95 SE


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Hey guys...looks pretty quiet in here!


Just wanted to make a quick post in case there's anyone around with any memories of this car. Woogieman bought this car from Mosh several years ago, already converted. Woogieman started having problems with it and unfortunately never got it figured out before he passed away last year. His wife just passed it to me.


I haven't worked on it at all yet, but it does start and run. It's super rich, leaving a cloud of smoke and an exhaust mark on the ground. It also hunts up and down for idle but can't figure it out. I've done really no troubleshooting. We just towed it to my house.


If anyone has any information at all that can help, or can point to the whereabouts of Mosh, it would be appreciated.

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Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but that sounds awfully like a vacuum leak.



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