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Fuel Injectors not Spraying

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Like the title says, my fuel injectors are not spraying.

Engine cranks but will not start, will start on starting fluid.

I have spark, I have fuel pressure, fuel gets to the fuel rail. The injectors get power, but they wont spray. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I think there may be a bad ground somewhere, but I don't know where to start. Is there a specific ground I should look for?


Also, I swapped out the PCM, Crank/Cam sensors and the problem still persist.

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Why do you think you have fuel pressure and power to the injectors? Have you checked the fuse for the injectors?


If all is as you say then check signal from ECM. Unless the injectors are not properly seated, there is a plug in the fuel line, they are not being triggered, or no power they ought to squirt. Is the cam sensor good? Is the throttle position sensor working? Is the cranķ sensor ok and plugged in? Are you getting any CEL codes? Do yòu hear the fuel pump spin up when you tuŕn the key on? You have a returned system have you popped the Schrader valve to confirm fuel and Checked the actual pressure?


This type of issue poses many questions and just needs to be followed through. You changed the ECM was the one you installed the same one with matching part numbers? For example a 99 ECM will not work in a 2k car.


I know you probable thought of all these things, but just throwing out the basics since sometimes when I'm tinkering on my car and it isn't working when I start running through the basics I go òh darn missed that one.... LOL




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There is a ground on the coil pack that gets missed at times. As I recall there is a ground on the pass side of the engine. And on the drivers side at the tranny.

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