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ABS false pump actuation

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        Here is the history ...



   Purchased car     (no lite on)


  light came on,,,,,, say about a year later.....

               (there were no noticeable symptoms)



   On one of my   annual inspections...

(where I have to get the check engine light out)


       I was using AN OBDII  scanner.....



                               (STILL::::::::: there where no noticeable symptoms)





                           Now there is a symptom.......

    AS the vechicle comes to a stop (pretty much under speeds of 20mph)

        there is a constant shutter in the brake pedal....(false ABS pump actuation)


              Possible causes::::


                       Maybe it is the wheel sensor that came up on the scan..... but it is possible that it is not.........

                  I don't know for sure.As I have not investigated this.. but, my point being... these sensors are expensive..... I don't want to

                  get into dumping money into sensors  and racking up a big bill......


                     ALSO,,,,   at the current time I am not able to repair vehicle due to the vehicle's location.....

                  It is not near me that I can just go and work on the car....


                  Is there a way to DISABLE the ABS system completely  (SO it doesn't do this false actuation as low speeds)??????????????

                   I understand that if disable is possible then no ABS system on any of the wheels


                           Thanks, Grannie

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Normally the tone ring (part of the hub assy) rots out and causes false ABS activation. Pull the wheel and brake rotor (if disc brakes) and look at the back of the hub. On the backing plate you should see the ABS sensor sticking through. There should be a toothed wheel that it's reading. If you spin the hub slowly look for a crack in the ring (looks like a deep gap) that the issue. A new bearing/hub assy will fix that and it's not too hard to replace.



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Hey Thanks!


I will take a look at this today, finally.


One other question...   Is there any way to see/suspect which wheel to the the vehicle is tripping this off? 


I guess the problem is that this is a mechanical defect.... I will not be picked up by the OBDII scanner(Correct?)


THanks, Grannie

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So  in conclusion here......


The front sensors have been disconnected......


Yielding  no more false actuation   of the ABS pump......


This is much better the what previously existed.....


Yes,   No more ABS....

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Well, that's one way to fix it... Glad you found the issue.

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I'm not criticizing the original poster, each to his/her own.


But I disagree with the idea that the Contour ABS is bad or useless.  The ABS on my 2000 SVT works well, in fact I used it twice last week when two idiots on two successive days ran the same stop sign in front of me.


I did have to replace a front sensor once, it did throw a readable OBD2 code so was easy to diagnose.


My race car doesn't have ABS but I think it is a significant safety advantage on the road.  OTOH my late Dad's Lincoln had crazy ABS misbehavior that defied diagnosis (even by the dealer) and was dangerous, we pulled the ABS fuse to "fix" that.

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I'm never one to advocate removing safety features from cars no matter how much of a tangled mess they make diagnosing. ABS has it's positives and it's negatives. But for the most part, it's worth it.



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I disabled mine as I thought it worked way too early and too easy, the car would not stop in nearly so short a time as either of my two Focus cars which do not have it. I myself when needed am pretty good at steering out of a slide that takes the car sideways so that helps.

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