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It has been a bit of a long road, but my 98 Stique is back running down the asphalt.


A couple of years ago it started not running well, bucking, rough idle, and of course a CEL. My son was checking it out for me and all of a sudden it started spewing ATF out of the fill tube. At that point I just parked it. It had already pissed me off (can I say that here) when it broke a trunk strut mount on the passenger side right off the inside of the trunk. I have never seen that before. The spot welds were good but just ripped out. Go figure that one.


As time permitted my son pulled the tranny  (only working on warm sunny days here in Orygun) and I had it rebuilt.

We put it back in with a new torque converter, and replaced LCA's , tie rod ends, and swaybar bushings.  And welded that darn strut bracket back in place too!


When is was all back together, I took it to our DEQ aka smog check people, and the drive cycles were ready in the computer. I got a temporary tag to be able to drive it and all was going well until I was taking it back for another try to get it certified. On the way over the CEL came on for a misfire in cylinder #1. When I checked that out you know there are several possible reasons for this to think about. For example I had noticed that when it was at WOT around 6k the alt light was coming on. Ya I know the rule.... when you have the subframe out and everything torn up do an alt whether you need it or not, because you have access.... LOL  But in this case it could be weak and not supplying enough power to the coil pack under load. There are several other things that can cause a misfire code and in this case it was gap and carbon tracking. 


I replaced plugs, with gap adjusted to .045, and wires cleared the CEL and that did the trick. Of course those damm drive cycles had to be done again which took another couple of weeks. the EVA always being the last to say ready, but when it finally did the car ran right through the DEQ and I have my new tags good till 2020. And for the present no CEL till the car wants some more personal time with me.  


Oh and now the radio and remote entry just quit working... but i  do like driving this car.... so guess it'll be gett'n some more personal time with me, maybe while I'm at it I'll do some auto up's on the windows and other fancy stuff. 🙂




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Aussie - what is this latest on the Mystique? I have been away for a few years.....my bad.

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