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No spark need help.

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So I replaced my timing cover, spark plugs, and alternator.  After it was complete the car ran for few minutes then died.  After that couldn't get to start. I have fuel, I could here the fuel pump prime and checked for pressure at the Schrader valve.  So I replace the crank sensor and cam sensor and still no spark.  I checked for 12v+ at the coil with the key on and it's good even while cranking. I checked for pulse while cranking and no good.  Started unwrapping the cover on the wiring harness and the harness looks good so far.  Coil and wires less than a year old.....I'm stumped and need some help.  Sorry for the long read

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Crank sensor wiring can fall apart way up the harness in places you wouldn't normally look. I normally replace the wiring from the connectors on the valve cover all the way to the sensor.  Without a scan tool or an oscilloscope you won't be able to see what the sensors are doing aside from the wiring connections.


Are you sure the 3 connectors at the valve cover are tight? They have a habit of breaking the locks and the connectors will vibrate apart causing the stalling you describe. Make sure you use two hands and press them very firmly together (sometimes the rubber seal inside will roll causing the connector to bind. It feels all the way together - But in reality it's not.



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If you happen to have an older analog needle type voltmeter lying around you can read the blips off crank and cam sensors to tell if they are working, why I keep mine lying around gathering dust.


And when I encounter issues with OEM connectors I dump them pretty much instantly to add my own much tighter ones and even positive screw together ones if needed. OEM connectors suck as far as reliability once they get older. It's not like you need to be able to disconnect them every minute and worth the trouble to have to work more to do it.

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