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Cooling Fan operation

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I have a 96 Contour 2.0 gas engine auto trans, A/C, power assisted stuff, etc. Is there a thermal fan switch? The book says the ECT sends signals coolant temp to the ECU that determines how much the fuel injector open, also says it operates the temp gauge. The temp gauge no longer responds. I have installed an Autometer elect. temp gauge, I installed the sending unit for the gauge into what I thought was a separate (from the ECT) switch for the gauge, it's location is right below the thermostat housing. Now I'm having second thoughts that this sensor might be a thermal switch for the fan? However the "lame" Chilton book that I bought doesn't say anything about this unit. It's a 2 wire unit and by it's location, screws into the cooling system passage, green coolant definately spews out when I removed it, and it looks like a sending unit for a gauge? Any body tell me what this is? I'd appreciate any info.   

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On the 2.0L's there are 2 coolant sensors. One for the PCM (Engine controller ) and one for the gauge inside. The sender for the computer is normally on top of the thermostat housing. The temperature gauge sender is normally below the housing with a rectangular plug.



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