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upgrading 98 zetec injectors

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I don't own a contour but as you can see I have a 1998 zetec equipped Escort wagon.  I have seen a number of places where swapping out the 98 injectors for later injectors gives a boost in power and economy.  I currently have Denso injectors that are the round EV1 looking type, but it appears the later zetec used the bosch EV6 type with the same connectors.   I also suspect my current injectors are a single hole, where the later ones are 4 hole which should  give better atomization.    Are the injectors the same spray pattern on early ( silver top)  and later (black top)  zetecs?  This swap could make a nice simple upgrade.

I also may need to go to a higher capacity injector.  The stocks are about 19 lbs per hour at 80%, which means they may top out at 100% at about 150HP.   I my be getting close to that with some of the bolt ons I am doing.  I have a friend with similiar bolt ons, but is using the ZX2 SR ECM so he may really need more fuel. Alot of people have been using the orange or yellow top injectors off the crown vic or mustang, but  I don't know if these are the proper spray pattern.

I especially want to get better economy, but the performance boost would be nice too.    My 1993 wagon I was able to get nearly 50MPG on the highway going a steady 62 mph with the stock 1.9 auto and some good aero and intake  upgrades.  I currently only get about 29 to 30.


Bolt ons include 25% underdrive pulley, Pacesetter shorty headers into stock cat, iceman intake,  cut intake box with 3 inch cold air inlet, 2 1/4 inch exhaust,  intake system insulated.


Any insight would be appreciated.



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