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Hello everyone,


I have not posted much on here, but I do have an account on CEG where I am currently documenting my '98 CSVT build.  Feel free to check it out here, but I'll probably be starting a thread on here as well at some point.


Anyways, I recently decided to buy a Quaife differential for my build. However, I have been looking for a local shop to do the installation. The first shop (and only one so far) to get me an estimate quoted me $500 to install the differential, as well as inspect everything while it was taken apart. It seems a bit steep to me, but it also sounds like a good idea to have someone look it over while it's apart. However, they didn't seem to have a lot of experience with the MTX-75 from what i gathered, and even though they do have good reviews online, I'm not sure how much confidence I should have in them.

So my questions are: how hard is it to install the differential? Do i need any special tools to do it?  Is there anything else to it beside unbolting the 2 halves, installing the new diff, and torquing everything back together?

Secondly, if i was to take it to a shop, I'd like to try someone who is at least more familiar with it? Does anyone have any suggestions now that Terry isn't around anymore (RIP)? If I do rebuild it, I probably would want to upgrade the synchros to the 3 block design, but last i read, only Terry had these. Does anyone know if anyone took over his business? Are the updated synchros just garbage if I do have to go with them?

Thank you all for your help.

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