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98 contour svt 2.5 keep or swap


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Car isn't too bad but needs some love original engine and trans to my knowledge. I only have taken the intake off and pulled the ignition system to see what shape she was in. With 180,000 on the odm there was alot of carbon build up on the throttle body and intake manifold but the plugs actually looked decent and none were wet or fouled. I love these cars and I would like to try and keep it original as possible.  However I did have one in my early days of high school that was 3.0L swaped and I loved ever bit of that death trap. Should I try to rebuild the original 2.5 and if I do that how well will it accept power adders ( most likely super charger). Or iam i better off building a 3.0l. I also have seen and riden in a car that was actually a 2.5L 3.0L hybrid i know its a 1/1 of car but would it better to even go that route with no power adders. Iam open to alot of suggestions as iam kinda stuck on what wouod he the best option. i don't want anything stupid fast but just a nice show car thats got some power. I also have  plans for the Trans depending on the route I go would live suggestions. Also time and money is not a issue I cant believe I could find another one in ok shape in ohio so I wanna do it right and make it look good.

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Issue is, is timing. Most 3.0L's are well over mileage that would be beneficial for swapping. I just did a swap earlier this year and I had to source an engine from Canada! Rebuilding the 2.5L SVT engine would be a good start if you want to keep it original looking. Otherwise, there are other options but they get expensive pretty quickly.  Plus, with 180K the engine wiring harness is going to be one of your bigger issues.



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