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1999 Ford Contour SE 2.0 

Having a problem with idling, on startup idles smooth then warm up becomes like it chokes but you you drive it  runs tip top but slow down or stop idles rough and actually sometime the engine stops running replaced injectors showed bank one  IAC, mass air, throttle position sensor, o2 sensor, spark plugs, and finally the code is    P 1383, the car ran hot  2 years prior because the  radiator fluid tank had a leak , replaced tank checked fluids and the car has ran very well no problems, then it showed a engine light and that's when the code came up with injector bank one, so replaced all 4 what is wrong, all the replaced parts have helped but it now shows the code p 1383

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Code P1383 is due to the timing belt either not being installed correctly, or the VCT solenoid on the top of the cylinder head (plug is through the valve cover) malfunctioning. If you remove the electrical connector to the VCT solenoid and the idle smooths out and runs good - You have a timing belt issue where it's not installed correctly.

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