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Broken Ignition, car won't shut off

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HI: 98 contour motor won't shut off, the key won't turn to the off position so I have to disconnect the battery. Chiltons says to depress a pin through a hole on top the cylinder, but it won't depress even w/ a hammer, so second option is to drill it out which I did but the cylinder still won't pull out. not with prying or a wrench. the key still turns so it's not crushed but it just never got the memo from Chiltons. Does anyone know what to do next? Thanks.

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update: the cylinder has to be turned to the off position before the removal pin can be depressed or drilled out. It looks like I'll need to replace the steering column (ugh) unless someone has a better suggestion. any ideas?

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Remove the steering column shrouds (Plastic) and remove the ignition electrical switch (on the other side of the key cylinder). Then you can manually turn the engine off until you get the key cylinder issue sorted.



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