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Ok, noob question here and I don't plan to do weird thing on the engine.


Talking with the guy that fixes my car (Mystique 1995 2.5), he told me a couple of years ago that he toched the spark timing for improvement due to smog test(?)

After that, the car was lacking of power, last time I take it for smog test I commented it to him and he told me that he touched againt and it advanced the spark a bit, it really helped but it still hasn't the same power as before.


My question is, how does one can advance or delay the spark on this kind of engines? Right now I have this car as a backup and not my daily driver.


Thank you in advance

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On the 1995, the V6 engines were equipped with a DIS-6 module for the spark. That module has a "SPOUT" plug which can be removed to remove advance from the ignition to check base engine timing. Normally the car needs to have the SPOUT plug in, in order to run correctly otherwise the ignition will always run in fixed timing mode.


The SPOUT plug is a square plug that plugs into a connector normally taped to the harness connecting to the ignition module (right side rear engine compartment).



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