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Wire schematics...


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Been a while since I’ve posted on here...


I’ve searched around the ole interwebs and on the forum with limited success.  I’m trying to get my hands on the engine bay harness wire schematics for an early 98 E0 2.5L Contour and a 98.5 E1 2.5L Contour schematic.


I had received a replacement harness for my car on trade a while back and didn’t think twice as I was told it was a E0 harness.  It had the green knock sensor connector and the correct shift tower connector foe the reverse light.


However here I am 9yrs later and I’m chasing electrical gremlins.  I have the service manual CD, which is really quite garbage when your trying to trace a wire.  That’s said I found enough detail to know that the wiring for the clutch switch back through the square connector, C3001, does not match with what it should to complete the circuit back to the starter relay.


So I’m putting this post out there so that I can hopefully identify what harness I am dealing with and try to re-pin/re-wire it accordingly to make it work.


The square connector, C3001, is fully populated so the harness I have is not a 99+ harness.


Thanks for the help!



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I think I’m piecing it together.  I’ve got the connector views from the service manual CD and it shows the possible wire colors and circuit ID’s.  I’ve been comparing them to what I have and matching circuit ID’s from the C421 ECM connector and the C3001 connector and doing continuity tests to verify.  Still would be nice to have a full schematic to trace wires though.

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Unfortunately most of my diagrams are broken up into multiple pages. What exactly are you having an issue with? If it's the early 1998 SVT harnesses with the PATS controller vs. the later 1998 models which were integrated into the PCM - That could be your issue.


Do you have an E0 with the RJL1 controller, or the later E1 with the SFG0 controller? I've personally run into this before and corrected it in another harness.



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My issue is my cars power distribution block harness and interior harness are pre 3/98 vintage since my cars built date is 3/25/97.  However the replacement engine harness I have is a post 3/98 harness.  So there are slight differences with some of the circuits.


I think I’ve isolated it to the PATS and clutch switch interface to the starter relay coil circuit ground and the VSS signal circuit that feeds the cruise control, instrument cluster, and ECM.

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