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Help I need an ABS Control Module for my 98 SVT Contour


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Hello, I could use some help finding a 99' or 2000 ABS control module for my 98 SVT Contour.  The rear brakes locked up on me after having recently installing brand new EBC rotors and pads.  I found the post on how to change the 98' module for the newer modules.  Now I just need to locate the Bosch controller and wiring harness.  The car has been in the shop for about a month now and they are saying they can't find one.  Any help would be great!






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I would look for the Cougar one's they are easier to find as they ran until 2002 with the Bosch controller. The harness and the ABS unit are identical to the Contour and can be used with no issues. And if you find one with Traction Control, you can add that as well with just the dashboard switch after installing the unit.



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Super, great advice.  Thanks!

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