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Factory alarm problem


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Hey everyone. Name is Steve Collins. I own a 1998.5 contour svt. I recently got the car and absolutely love it. Owned a new one in 1998. Anyway I installed an aftermarket radio and now my remote for power door locks will not work nor my factory alarm. Any help would be awesome. Oh when installing I unplugged factory wires from original radio and cut them. Then just connected wires on stereo to those wires. Now those two things don't work. Oh and interior floorboard lights stopped working also. I really hope someone out there knows how to repair because I'm really picky about my car. Thanks in advanced. 


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Well, cutting wires will get you into trouble. By the sound of your issues, it sounds like you blew a fuse or two.


Check F34 (7.5A) in the inside fuse box and possibly fuse 25. It sounds like you took some circuits out when you were cutting or working there. They make adapter harnesses that are super cheap and prevent you from cutting wires. For someone so picky, I find it interesting you would go out of your way to cut the wires instead of just plugging in a harness adapter to wire your new radio to. Almost every parts store carries them because Ford was pretty standardized back then.

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