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Climate Control blend control potentiometer


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'99 Mystique, here.  My temperature control crapped out- definitely not the actuator (got a new one first thing, was a waste of time).  So, a potentiometer.. which is all it is... I know I can go to a yard and get the whole module, but it's going to be just as old as the one that crapped out on me.  To be precise, I took the control knob for the cool/warm blend apart, saw that it was a simple potentiometer with a fancy clicky arrangement for the knob, hosed it down with electronic cleaner which washed away all the broken bits of resistive material- basically, all of it, it turned out.  Anyone happen to have rigged up a plain old pot in its place?  I was wondering what the optimum resistance would be.  I mean I could go with a really high one, but I figure that'll restrict the fineness of control- less motion on my part to create the full temp range from cool to warm.  So as close to the original as I can get would be a better solution. Oh, and a neat little factoid- noticed (with the new actuator hanging free) that no control, the actuator goes to the middle of its range... which still isn't enough warm air... been driving around with the old actuator jamming the door all the way to 'heat', which gets a little too warm, I'm ready to get some dashboard control back.  So I'm bouncing between trying to rig up any old linear taper pot, or taking a chance at the u-pull-it on a module from a junker.  Meh.  Thanks in advance!

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