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Why have Contours and Mystiques seemed to have disappeared from the road?


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This is probably a stupid question, but for years & years seeing several Contours or Mystiques on any given day on the road was the norm, but about 2 years ago, quite suddenly they all disappeared. When I post pictures of my Mystique, I get multiple comments to the effect, “Wow haven’t seen one of those in ages.” Recently needed a new alternator and the Ford dealer commented that they never see these cars anymore. So why?

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Is it the transmission or the wiring harness? 

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Age, care (or lack thereof) and people passing them down. Keep in mind they were only produced from 1995-2000, and they weren't exactly hot sellers in the later years. Most have ended up in scrap yards. Alot of them were cheap first cars for kids. You can imagine how that worked out.



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