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i hit 142dB with a single 12" and a 600w amp. oh yeah i forgot to mention the entire car has been stripped and sound proofed inside and out. 1/0 awg power wire. all Knukonceptz wires.



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Ok, I was putting off this post til I got the car finished, but after the clutch problem and now getting new tires, mixed in with Christmas and Birthday presents as of late, it looks like getting the audio done will be a while, so here is my ride. Check the pics in my gallery, all of them.


Rockford Fosgate HE2 12" Subs (2 Each)

Rockford Fosgate Battery (in trunk)

Rockford Fosgate DigiCaps 1 Farad Each (2 Each)

Rockford Fosgate Riot 5.0 Tri-RCA cable

Rockford Fosgate Platinum Fused Blocks (2 Each)

Rockford Fosgate Platinum Distribution Blocks

Rockford Fosgate Platinum Wiring

Rockford Fosgate Platinum Fuses

Rockford Fosgate Team RF X7 Amplifier

Pioneer 3 Way 6x8 Door Speakers (4 Each)

Temp Head Unit (Kenwood :yucky: )


I have future plans, that include a new head unit (Alpine) and new interior Component Speakers (Rockford Fosgate 4 Sets) for a total of 16 speakers as well as 2 New Rockford Fosgate Power Amps for interior speakers.


Right now, not a bad setup at 140db. After a couple hours you start to look like -----> :blink:


LOL!! Later!!!

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